My skeleton corset from Corsetry&Romance <3

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Strawberries and cream overbust corset by Blue Room Corsetry on Etsy!

Model: Kyla Soze

Photography: Thorn Photography




CORSET BOMBARDMENT! I hope you don’t get too sick of me >.<

Photography/Retouch: Tony Brown Photography 
Model/MUA/Styling: miss-deadly-red
Corsets: Valkyrie Corsets 
Lipstick (Red hot Red)/Foundation (Bisque): besamecosmetics

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My first corset: a pink underbust! Fairy costume for the NY renaissance faire.


Hi! Lately I’ve been working on a series of blog posts* (which might become an academic article, they’re pretty dense) on corsetry - evaluating the medical claims still made today and discussing its relationship with feminism, historically and in the present - and I’d like to have some statistics, even informal ones, on what people think of the practice.

It’s pretty short, just a few pages. There are questions for both people who wear corsets regularly and people who don’t, because while I’m mainly looking for the opinions of those who wear them, others will also be useful.

So if you could answer the poll and pass it around, I’d be very grateful!

* I have also been working on Wives & Daughters, don’t worry.


Work in progress #wip #lace #tulle #corset with #rhinestones


Finished my latest project yesterday :D 14 panel black brocade underbust corset


Little mesh cincher just sitting up on the coffee table by itself. No bones yet, just the busk and corsetry mesh holding it in shape.




I wish our community were more trans-inclusive. I’m a transwoman and I really wish there were more girls like me around. Sometimes I feel like I’ll never be good enough for this community.

I don’t think we are transexclusive
The only way to feel included is to participate in discussions and posting photos and text posts. We reblog any legitimate corset related post by anyone of any gender. One of our active mods is transgender and one temporarily inactive mod is nonbinary.

Personally I’ve noticed transmisogyny in the community before, where people were criticising Romantasy for being open about the fact that many of their customers are trans women. Also, a lot of the community are simply ignorant of trans issues, so if there’s ever a chance for us to educate them or spread visibility of trans people in the community we should take it. It doesn’t come up often, is the only issue.

Anon, I hope the community improves and you feel safer here.

I think there should be a community where transwomen can discuss corsetry (Trans men who are into corsetry too!!). I’m sure there are many of you out there but you’re quieter than some other sub-communities.

So, on behalf of this anon, here’s the all-call! Maybe if a bunch of you like this post, you call all make friends! :D


How to Lace Up Your Corset - A Helpful Infographic by Strait-Laced Dame

Perfect as an 8.5” x 11” print out, this diagram is intended for the corset lover looking to learn how to lace themselves up independently.  Practice makes perfect, and a visual aid makes practice much easier.

Please don’t hesitate to share this with anyone you think might be interested, but don’t forget to keep the credit intact!




So I decided to take photos of all the lace saris. I also wanted to pair some of them up with my corsets, on top of them. 

Oh my god T.T
Why are you so beautiful?!

Oh my gosh, why are you so nice? :3




Custom order with the beautiful Waterlily Pond by Claude Monet! :)

This corset is now available here:

Ooooh, beautiful! I just love how the bridge goes across the front, the design just works so well.

Mon Dieu.

Model: Mademoiselle Karma  http://facebook.com/mademoisellekarmamodel

Photographer: Crescentia Moon Photography


model Luthien - corsetiere, model & blogger 
Corset Waisted Creations 
hair and make up Jessica White hair & make up artist
photographer My Boudoir - Make-Over Boudoir Photography
Vintage peignoir and jewellery is my own.

Read about this corset and shoot and more on my blog…

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Period inappropriate, I know. I’ll be (mostly) offline for the coming week or so, due to the inversion of my professional/personal balance. In the meantime, here’s a nice picture from our visit to the Colorado Renaissance Festival last week, with me wearing the self-made underbust. #corset #corsetmaking #corsetry #corsetootd #waisttraining #tightlacing