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With Sam Shone.


“Click Click. Bang Bang.
And you’re never gonna be the same.”

Photographer : Marjorie Garcia & Jonathan Miskevich
Model: Rivi Madison
Corset : Anachronism In Action

Gh3ttoBla5ter by Ken Saunders


My first attempt at a steampunk outfit :) I thought it was pretty good for just putting a bunch of stuff together last minui from my closet. #steampunk #costume #cosplay #corset #amazinglasvegascon


What Katie Did - Baby Corset


Aurora By V-Couture


beautiful garment. Without the garter straps it could easily be worn over a dress…


Best feeling in the world


Thinking of adding this detail to the #corset #wonderwoman


Corset + Tudor|Elizabethan

Anonymous sent:

Okay, When ordering corsets online, they as to measure the waist and i'm not sure if they want my drop waist measurement, or my natural waist. what do they usually mean by that?

Online corset shops will generally want you to measure your natural waist, then order about 4 inches down from that.  The site should have instructions on corset sizing if you’re not sure of how they in particular want you to order.  If it’s really really unclear, it’s worth sending them an email asking for clarification… it might be irritating, but you don’t want to throw all that money on the wrong size!



RYDER makeup labss LLC
Model: Twigglet
Photographer: James Ryder
Headdress: Bubbles And Frown Haberdashery Shoppe
Corset: Anachronism In Action
Mua: Priscilla Bohne
Stylist: Rachel Mitchell
Art Director: Aly Ryder

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