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Decadent corsetry from Sparklewren.

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Lame enough to make gifs of myself yep

it’s me, folks!

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When Fakir Musafar likes a photo of you on facebook.

He and Mr. Pearl are why tightlacing was even on my radar.

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Black Widows by *Elisanth

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Morgana for MISS KATIE (2009)


18th century stays made from satin and regular coutil, cream silk bias binding. Front and back lacing with white grommets.


My outfit today, feeling like a fancy lady :D 


Outfit of the Day: Blue/black lolita dress, black satin underbust corset, blue/black hair-bow.

Made a hair-bow today (tutorial coming soon) and thought I’d show the entire ensemble. It’s amazing how the little details can just pull an outfit together.


25 inches! Woot! plus that awkward moment when you didn’t realize your busk was open. *facepalm*


Yesterday morning on my way out :) 


So I laced up at 6:30, i’ll tighten up at 7:30 and unlace at 8:30.

I noticed when I put my corset on today that it felt a little twisted. I think these past two days I’ve been wearing it slightly off center, and it started molding to me that way, but I think I fixed it now. It feels more even. 

It’s much easier to lace up now, and takes me much less time to do it. Hooking up the busk is still tricky though. 

What I learned since yesterday:

  1. Laying on your side is easier if you stick a pillow under your waist
  2. Laying on your tummy is ill-advised
  3. Your stride changes in a corset. You get a little more wag in the hip