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Another Lovely Rats corset in progress for Penny Underbust. It kind of looks like garbage in this phase, but that freaking hipspring. It’s like a bowl. Or a hat.


My GoFundMe is live! I’ve received so much encouragement, from people here and elsewhere in my life, that I’m finally getting down to it and launching this thing! 

I appreciate any and all donations and signal boosting! <3 I’ve tried to line up some cool rewards, including some of the sample corsets from the initial line.

Also, if you’re interested in keeping up with the progress as I go along, exquisitelywaisted has a tumblr now! 


Penny underbust Brown (and her hubbie!) as featured on Barcroft TV (x)

~The Rarity underbust is made by lovelyrats~


shit i haven’t worn a corset in years

how do i do this

Anonymous sent:

Was curious if you know a good place to get a waist trainer?

Not me personally, but Lucy has a whole bunch of AMAZING reviews and resources, I highly recommend checking them out!




My hip spring is large enough to put fairy trinkets on it (:



Small photo compilation of what it looks like today, this is the tightest I went so far, 58-59 cm on the outside, which is 23”.

I added an extra photo that shows the construction up front better, there’s almost a ‘cavity’ in my side where it takes in the waist, next to the center of my tummy that has a swell to it. It interests me and I’m curious to see if this appears in the other Phoenix corsets too.

That shape is just stunning. Maybe one day if I win the lottery…Sigh


the quilted looking part looks like the fabric is machine sewn to look quilted with a black organza over the top. nice

ramadan is coming and i’m going to do my best again this year to keep this blog ramadan friendly, but i’m not muslim so there’s a chance i could mess up with my tagging.  if i do, PLEASE feel free to let me know!  thank you, and happy blogging!


So stoked that the weather was nice enough today to get a bit of shooting in. My man-thing got a fantastic photo of my arrow in flight.


Corset by Orologi Silenziosi


Thank you lovely people so much for your kind words about the photo I shared yesterday and for none of you mentioning my questionable choice of cardigan (which I promptly removed after my journey on public transit). You guys are the reason why tumblr is so much better than Facebook (but you can follow me there too if you like)!

It’s funny how you can feel like you’re wearing something scandalous when it photographs surprisingly chaste! :p Here are a couple of pictures Shaun and I took on our Doors Open outing yesterday, finally showing off the lattice corset in a nicer setting! It’s still ambitious for me to wear, but I actually found the warmth of the day helped. I’m currently working on another sample piece based from the same pattern with some tweaks to allow slightly more room in the ribs and adapted it to be a 12 panel pattern instead of 10. More on that soon, lots of detailing to be done on this piece and I don’t want to rush through it! ;)



Finally got time to do one corset for myself ^^
Purple silk dupioni waist cincher by Villena Viscaria corsetry :3






Read about the first my collaborations with Threnody In Velvet on my blog

Please do not crop my watermark out of this image.

Please somebody tell me where I can get those stockings.

I am having complete brain failure right now as I have an exam in a few hours, but I know Morgana has stated the brand of the stockings on this image on her page, so if you look on the Threnody in Velvet facebook it’s there :)
I think it begins with an ‘O’

Obsessive Lingerie :)

Many thanks :3