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KL corset! Wearing it loosely (see last picture) top break it in, but omg it is so comfy honest to God! It’s a gorgeous shape (will be even more so when I lace it properly) and it could have been made to measure by the fit. It’s slightly big at the bust, but my bust fluctuates wildly so it will fit perfectly some of the time and it’s not bad as it is =)
With the garter belt it looks killer (but please excuse my ratty old pants)

OHHHHHH YOU SO LUCKY I lusted after it! Glad that it has a good home!



Okay, it’s about time for our third Corset Community Tinychat, and we are using it as an excuse to introduce our new mod, Annie! As always, we’ll be up for corset questions and discussions, showing off of corsets, showing off of cats, and once the night gets late we’ll probably dissolve into hanging out and playing with doll makers.

It’ll be taking place TONIGHT AT 8 PM CENTRAL TIME!

We’ll be posting a link here when it starts. Be there, nerds!


Maya Hansen Steampunk Collection A/W 2010

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Corsets with my graphics, made for www.Restyle.pl

my fanpage on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Euflonica/156482207743291



Corset Styles from http://popantique.com

not even lying techincal drawings of corsets get me flustered wow

donovanthekid sent:

Hi there! I was wondering if anyone knew of any corset making classes in the bay area. I'm looking online and can't seem to find any. I'd prefer an affordable *cough*cheap*cough cough* one. I'd don't have much money but would love to make my own.

any followers know anything?  shoot donovanthekid an ask!


Beginning a Waist Training Journey


1. Model Nicole Simone for Pop Antique | Photographer: © Chris Gaede

2. Victoria Dagger in Dark Garden | © Max Johnson

Please don’t remove the credits. 


Working on the scale armor top for Lady Loki. Gonna finish the scales and then paint and seal so it gets really shiny and stiff.

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Wig is from amazon
Corset is from MystiC City corsets
Contacts are from Pinkie Paradise.


As soon as I placed my hand in the box and felt the touch of the fabric, I smiled.

You can tell, right away, that it is made of high quality materials and care. The stitching is very neat and tidy. I haven’t found anything out of place, no stray or frayed threads. The eyelets are clean and firmly in place, which is very important since there will be a lot of tugging in that area from the tightly bound string.

The corset cord itself is very high quality. I’ve tugged and pulled at it and it holds strong. It feels really nice to the touch, too, very smooth. They aren’t skimpy with the cord at all, giving you tons to work with. The metal clasps on the front, aside from looking simply gorgeous, are strong and attached to a steel plate stitched into the fabric.

It offers a wonderful corset hug and delivers that lovely hourglass shape you hope to achieve when putting on a corset. I felt so pretty! To be completely honest, when I took it off I felt a little too free. It’s so snug and lovely. I can’t wait to wear it out and show it off.

It is wonderful for a beginner corset. It doesn’t have the steel boning but is still strong enough that it cinches your waist nicely and restricts your breathing in the best way. It’s great for learning how to adjust your breaths and posture while you wear it. I highly recommend Burleska corsets. They’re fabulous and I am a proud owner. And they won’t completely burn a hole in your wallet! Yay!

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Burleska Corset



Amethyst colored double satin #ribbon #corset for @hazelhoneysuckle by #sinandsatin

Oh yes.




Let’s do this.

Oh hell yes.

Gryffindor Longline corset by Castle Corsetry!