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Photograph of Clementina Maude (the photographer’s daughter) in her underclothes, ca. 1862.

From the Victoria & Albert Museum.


Candy universe by Ophelia-Overdose
Photographer: Moritz Maibaum
Corset design: Viola Lahger


im that girl in your fantasies

methpeople-deactivated20140501 sent:

hello, I'm new to corsetry and I wanted to start waist training. I was wondering if your waist keeps shape while you have your corset off or if it goes back to normal :O

Hi there!

I don’t personally have any experience with waist training, but from what I understand while obviously uncorsetted the waist is slightly larger than it would be corsetted, the shape does remain relatively the same!

Waisted Lives have a great reference post on waist training that will almost certainly be of help to you!

As I said though, I have no personal experience, so followers feel free to chip in with your own two cents!  


Feature: Alexis Black of Electra Designs

Electra Designs is hands down one of my favorite custom corsetry companies. Everything is designed, patterned, and made by Alexis Black in her studio. She has been making corsets for 20 years and is incredibly talented.

Luckily for everyone in the corset world, she also has a heavy focus on education, not just making beautiful things. Her kickstarter reached its goal in March of 2012 with the promise of producing corset making educational materials, from an instructional DVD to patterns! The first kits have a tentative release date of July 2013, so keep an eye out!

Photos taken from the Electra Designs Model Mayhem page and her kickstarter page.





Gorgeous corset discovered by chance. Crafted by Christaine Tano.



i want !

flufferdesigns submitted:

hi, just wanted to share one of my designs

This is my Saint Rita Corset and Tutu Style Skirt



Mildred wearing custom ‘Dolly Death’ Corset.

Corset & Photo by Gore Couture

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Hi there, just wanted to shoot you a message in case any of your followers are interested, I am wanting to sell my corset. There are pictures and a little info on my blog, but basically it's black, satin, 26-waist, great condition. So if anyone wants to check that out, that'd be great, and just message me if you need to know more. Thanks !!

Anybody interested, feel free to get in touch with aconiton about this!

(some things you might want to put in your post since people will no doubt be curious - busk length and boning type)

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Nursing Corset


Augusta Auctions

The original owner of this corset was probably middle class, as wealthy women usually hired wetnurses for their children.


Photo and edit by the wonderful Saoirse. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Saoirse-Clohessy-Photography/142058965746




Skeena Reece. “Raven: On the Colonial Fleet”, 2008.

One of the most striking works in the exhibition is the clothing and regalia worn by Reece in her persona as Raven on the Colonial Fleet. It’s comprised of a curvaceous bustier covered in vertical Northwest coast designs and an apron with figures whose outstretched arms are reaching above their heads for AK-47 machine guns. Her traditional button blanket has a surprise on the back: a grenade made out of silver sequins.

Skeena Reece is multi-disciplinary artist based on Vancouver Island and performance work may include, music, spoken word and videography.  Founder of the Native Youth Artists Collective, she has worked in Arts Administration since 2005.  A self-named ‘Sacred Clown’ influenced by her ancestors she is a storyteller. Her work has extended overseas at the 2010 Sydney Biennale: Festival of Contemporary Art in Australia and at the Bbeyond Gallery in Belfast, Ireland.  Performing at community art shows, the main stage or at a cabaret look for her inaugural music cd in Winter 2010.

Love that silhouette

that ratio is golden

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im so fucking finished with the blog thisisnotacorset jesus fuckin christ

theres a lot wrong with the corset tags nowadays but i’d rather scroll through 50 pages of bralettes to find a single corset than have their hideously inaccurate definitions and terrible attitude floating around


TW: Trivialization and Discussion of Self Harm


If it looks like a corset but has plastic boning, I’m going to call it “not a corset”

Plastic boning is fucking horrid. I am immensely thin and the plastic bones on garments I’ve owned have warped and bent on my tiny frame. I pulled them out of my clothes recently, and the amount of damage done to those bones is frightening.

Do you really think right angles digging into your skin and internal organs is something to be promoting?

If it’s not steel boned, it’s a piece of shit that is harmful to your health. There is no reason to buy it unless you’re taking the bones out.

I will not promote self-harm.

First and foremost, do not ever joke about self harm like that. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you, you are equating a type of garment to actual self harm, you need to check yourself really hard right now.

Secondly, the fact that you personally don’t like a material does not affect the definition of the garment. Your personal vendetta against plastic boning does not mean that there are not people out there who enjoy their plastic boned clothing. Let them wear what they want and stop being a douchecanoe about it. Your personal preference also doesn’t change the definition of what a corset is (and what a bustier is, which you still don’t seem to understand).

We do not advocate heavy, long term wear or waist training with plastic boned corsets but that by no means makes them not corsets or bad clothing choices. If someone’s wearing it as lingerie and is going to take it off in 10 minutes anyways, who the hell cares? Personal comfort is number one with corseting of any kind and if someone is happy and comfortable in a plastic boned corset, you have no right to lecture them about it. That’s not your fucking place. 

You are letting your personal preferences get in the way of facts, you are self-congratulatory in your corrections (not educational), you are trivial about serious matters like self harm, and you are toxic to the corset community. You’re like the edgy teen who’s just discovered hot topic and is the gatekeeper on ‘goth’.

We have called you out politely before, but this is the final straw. Please unfollow us and take your bullshit incorrect, insulting policing out of this community. You are not welcome here.

(PS You can fix warped boning with a hairdryer it’s not the fucking apocalypse.)

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